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Packages that use AbstractComponent
org.zkoss.zhtml ZHTML component set. 
org.zkoss.zhtml.impl Classes used to implement ZHTML component set. 
org.zkoss.zk.ui Interfaces of the common user-interfaces, such as Page and Component
org.zkoss.zk.ui.sys Internal interfaces of user interfaces and factories (behind the scene). 
org.zkoss.zkex.zul Zul Extension library. 
org.zkoss.zkmax.zul Components and UI utitilies available in ZK EE. 
org.zkoss.zml The ZK XML Component Set. 
org.zkoss.zul ZUL component set that are used for HTML-based clients. 
org.zkoss.zul.impl Classes used to implement ZUL Component Set (implementation only). 

Uses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zhtml

Subclasses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zhtml
 class A
          The A tag.
 class Abbr
          The ABBR tag.
 class Acronym
          The ACRONYM tag.
 class Address
          The ADDRESS tag.
 class B
          The B tag.
 class Base
          The BASE tag.
 class Big
          The BIG tag.
 class Blockquote
          The BLOCKQUOTE tag.
 class Body
          The BODY tag.
 class Br
          The BR tag.
 class Button
          The BUTTON tag.
 class Caption
          The CAPTION tag.
 class Center
          The CENTER tag.
 class Cite
          The CITE tag.
 class Code
          The CODE tag.
 class Col
          The COL tag.
 class Colgroup
          The COLGROUP tag.
 class Dd
          The DD tag.
 class Del
          The DEL tag.
 class Dfn
          The DFN tag.
 class Dir
          The DIR tag.
 class Div
          The DIV tag.
 class Dl
          The DL tag.
 class Dt
          The DT tag.
 class Em
          The EM tag.
 class Embed
          The EMBED tag.
 class Fieldset
          The FIELDSET tag.
 class Font
          The FONT tag.
 class Form
          The FORM tag.
 class H1
          The H1 tag.
 class H2
          The H2 tag.
 class H3
          The H3 tag.
 class H4
          The H4 tag.
 class Head
          The HEAD tag.
 class Hr
          The HR tag.
 class Html
          The HTML tag.
 class I
          The I tag.
 class Iframe
          The IFRAME tag.
 class Img
          The IMG tag.
 class Input
          The input tag.
 class Ins
          The INS tag.
 class Isindex
          The ISINDEX tag.
 class Kbd
          The KBD tag.
 class Label
          The LABEL tag.
 class Legend
          The LEGEND tag.
 class Li
          The LI tag.
 class Link
          The LINK tag.
 class Map
          The MAP tag.
 class Menu
          The MENU tag.
 class Meta
          The META tag.
 class Nobr
          The NOBR tag.
 class Object
          The OBJECT tag.
 class Ol
          The OL tag.
 class Optgroup
          The OPTGROUP tag.
 class Option
          The OPTION tag.
 class P
          The P tag.
 class Pre
          The PRE tag.
 class Q
          The Q tag.
 class Raw
          The raw component used to generate raw HTML elements.
 class S
          The S tag.
 class Samp
          The SAMP tag.
 class Select
          The SELECT tag.
 class Small
          The SMALL tag.
 class Span
          The SPAN tag.
 class Strong
          The STRONG tag.
 class Sub
          The SUB tag.
 class Sup
          The Sup tag.
 class Table
          The TABLE tag.
 class Tbody
          The TBODY tag.
 class Td
          The TD tag.
 class Text
          Represents a piece of text (of DOM).
 class Textarea
          The TEXTAREA tag.
 class Tfoot
          The TFOOT tag.
 class Th
          The TH tag.
 class Thead
          The THEAD tag.
 class Title
          The TITLE tag.
 class Tr
          The TR tag.
 class Tt
          The TT tag.
 class Ul
          The UL tag.
 class Var
          The VAR tag.
 class Zkhead
          The component used to generate CSS and JavaScrpt declarations.

Uses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zhtml.impl

Subclasses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zhtml.impl
 class AbstractTag
          The raw component used to generate raw HTML elements.
 class ContentTag
          Represents a tag that shall generate the child elements directly.

Uses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zk.ui

Subclasses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zk.ui
 class HtmlBasedComponent
          A skeletal implementation for HTML based components.
 class HtmlMacroComponent
          The implementation of a macro component for HTML-based clients.
 class HtmlNativeComponent
          A component used to represent XML elements that are associated with the native namespace (
 class HtmlShadowElement
          A skeleton of shadow element that represents as a shadow tree.

Methods in org.zkoss.zk.ui with parameters of type AbstractComponent
protected  void AbstractComponent.setSubBindingAnnotationCount(int diff, AbstractComponent node)

Uses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zk.ui.sys

Subclasses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zk.ui.sys
 class StubComponent
          A stub component is a 'degenerated' component that does not maintain the states at the server.
 class StubsComponent
          Represents a tree of StubComponent that are merged into a single component.

Uses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zkex.zul

Subclasses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zkex.zul
 class Colorbox
          A Colorbox used to retrieve an input that the user can select a color.
 class Columnchildren
          The column of Columnlayout.
 class Columnlayout
          A columnlayout lays out a container which can have multiple columns, and each column may contain one or more component.
 class Fisheye
          A fisheye item.
 class Fisheyebar
          A fisheye bar is a bar of Fisheye that is a menu similar to the fish eye menu on the Mac OS.
 class Jasperreport
          The JasperReport component.

Uses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zkmax.zul

Subclasses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zkmax.zul
 class Biglistbox
          A component to handle a huge data sets and provides the same and as many as the functionalities of Listbox including selection, sorting, keystroke navigation, ROD(rendering-on-demand), and so on.
 class Cardlayout
          A layout allow end user change view like change card.
 class Chosenbox
          A component that similar to Combobox but handle the multi-selection and the select order.
 class Dropupload
          A component can handle drag files into it, and upload files to server.
 class Fusionchart
          The Fusionchart component.
 class Nav
          A container is used to display navitems, it should be placed inside a Navbar.
 class Navbar
          A container that usually contains nav elements.
 class Navitem
          A single choice in a Navbar or Nav element.
 class Navseparator
          Used to create a separator between menu items.
 class Portalchildren
          The column of Portallayout.
 class Portallayout
          A portal layout lays out a container which can have multiple columns, and each column may contain one or more panel.
 class Rowchildren
          Rowchildren component is used for placing components inside the grid created by rowlayout component.
 class Rowlayout
          Divide the parent container into a row of equal-width columns separated by spacings.
 class Scrollview
          A container that can scroll containing elements on touch devices.
 class Tablechildren
          The cell of Tablelayout.
 class Tablelayout
          Tablelayout lay outs a container as an HTML table whose columns can be specified, and rowspan and colspan of its child can also be specified to create complex layouts within the table.
 class Tbeditor
          A component which is similar to ckeditor but is lightweight and efficient.
 class Timepicker
          A combobox for holding a time (a java.util.Date Object , but only Hour, Minute, Second are used.

Uses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zml

Subclasses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zml
 class Transformer
          XML transformer.
 class XmlMacroComponent
          The implementation of a macro component for XML output.
 class XmlNativeComponent
          A comonent used to represent XML elements that are associated with the inline namespace (

Uses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zul

Subclasses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zul
 class Absolutechildren
          A container component that can contain any other ZK component and can only be contained as direct child of Absolutelayout component.
 class Absolutelayout
          An Absolutelayout component can contain absolute positioned multiple absolutechildren components.
 class Anchorchildren
          The children of Anchorlayout.
 class Anchorlayout
          An anchorlayout lays out a container which can resize it's children base on its width and height
Default Anchorlayout.getZclass(): z-anchorlayout.
 class Applet
          A generic applet component.
 class Area
          An area of a Imagemap.
 class Audio
          An audio clip.
 class Auxhead
          Used to define a collection of auxiliary headers (Auxheader).
 class Auxheader
          An auxiliary header.
 class Bandbox
          A band box.
 class Bandpopup
          The popup that belongs to a Bandbox instance.
 class Borderlayout
          A border layout is a layout container for arranging and resizing child components to fit in five regions: north, south, east, west, and center.
 class Box
          A box.
 class Calendar
          A calendar.
 class Captcha
          The generic captcha component.
 class Cell
          The generic cell component to be embedded into Row or Vbox or Hbox for fully control style and layout.
 class Chart
          The generic chart component.
 class Checkbox
          A checkbox.
 class Column
          A single column in a Columns element.
 class Columns
          Defines the columns of a grid.
 class Combobox
          A combobox.
 class Combobutton
          A combo button.
 class Comboitem
          An item of a combo box.
 class Datebox
          An edit box for holding a date.
 class Decimalbox
          An edit box for holding BigDecimal.
 class Detail
          The detail component is used to display a detailed section where a master row and multiple detail rows are on the same row.
 class Doublebox
          An edit box for holding an float point value (double).
 class Doublespinner
          An edit box for holding a constrained double.
 class East
          An east region of a border layout.
 class Fileupload
          A fileupload dialog used to let user upload a file.
 class Flash
          A generic flash component.
 class Foot
          Defines a set of footers (Footer) for a grid (Grid).
 class Footer
          A column of the footer of a grid (Grid).
 class Frozen
          A frozen component to represent a frozen column or row in grid, like MS Excel.
 class Grid
          A grid is an element that contains both rows and columns elements.
 class Group
          Adds the ability for single level grouping to the Grid.
 class Groupbox
          Groups a set of child elements to have a visual effect.
 class Groupfoot
          Groupfoot serves as a summary row of group.
 class Hbox
          A hbox.
 class Hlayout
          A horizontal layout Default Hlayout.getZclass(): z-hlayout.
 class Idspace
          Just like DIV tag but implements IdSpace.
 class Image
          An image.
 class Imagemap
          An image map.
 class Include
          Includes the result generated by any servlet, not limited to a ZUML page.
 class Intbox
          An edit box for holding an integer.
 class Layout
          A layout.
 class LayoutRegion
          A layout region in a border layout.
 class Listbox
          A listbox.
 class Listcell
          A list cell.
 class Listfoot
          A row of Listfooter.
 class Listfooter
          A column of the footer of a list box (Listbox).
 class Listgroup
          Adds the ability for single level grouping to the Listbox.
 class Listgroupfoot
          Listgroupfoot serves as a summary listitem of listgroup.
 class Listhead
          A list headers used to define multi-columns and/or headers.
 class Listheader
          The list header which defines the attributes and header of a column of a list box.
 class Listitem
          A list item.
 class Longbox
          An edit box for holding an integer.
 class Menubar
          A container that usually contains menu elements.
 class Menuitem
          A single choice in a Menupopup element.
 class Menupopup
          A container used to display menus.
 class Menuseparator
          Used to create a separator between menu items.
 class North
          A north region of a border layout.
 class Paging
          Paging of long content.
 class Panel
          Panel is a container that has specific functionality and structural components that make it the perfect building block for application-oriented user interfaces.
 class Panelchildren
          Panelchildren is used for Panel component to manage each child who will be shown in the body of Panel.
 class Popup
          A container that is displayed as a popup.
 class Progressmeter
          A progress meter is a bar that indicates how much of a task has been completed.
 class Radio
          A radio button.
 class Radiogroup
          A radio group.
 class Row
          A single row in a Rows element.
 class Rows
          Defines the rows of a grid.
 class Script
          A component to generate script codes that will be evaluated at the client.
 class Selectbox
          A light weight dropdown list.
 class Separator
          A separator.
 class Slider
          A slider.
 class South
          A south region of a border layout.
 class Space
          Space is a Separator with the orient default to "vertical".
 class Spinner
          An edit box for holding a constrained integer.
 class Splitter
          An element which should appear before or after an element inside a box (Box, Vbox and Hbox).
 class Style
          The style component used to specify CSS styles for the owner desktop.
 class Tab
          A tab.
 class Tabbox
          A tabbox.
 class Tabpanel
          A tab panel.
 class Tabpanels
          A collection of tab panels.
 class Tabs
          A collection of tabs (Tab).
 class Textbox
          A textbox.
 class Timebox
          An input box for holding a time (a java.util.Date Object , but only Hour & Minute are used.
 class Timer
          Fires one or more Event after a specified delay.
 class Toolbar
          A toolbar.
 class Toolbarbutton
          A toolbar button.
 class Tree
          A container which can be used to hold a tabular or hierarchical set of rows of elements.
 class Treecell
          A treecell.
 class Treechildren
          A treechildren.
 class Treecol
          A treecol.
 class Treecols
          A treecols.
 class Treefoot
          A row of Treefooter.
 class Treefooter
          A column of the footer of a tree (Tree).
 class Treeitem
          A treeitem.
 class Treerow
          A treerow.
 class Vbox
          A vbox.
 class Vlayout
          A vertical layout Default Vlayout.getZclass(): z-vlayout.
 class West
          A west region of a border layout.
 class Window
          A window.

Uses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zul.impl

Subclasses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zul.impl
 class FileuploadDlg
          Used with Fileupload to implement the upload feature.
 class FooterElement
          A skeletal implementation for a footer.
 class FormatInputElement
          A skeletal implementation for an input box with format.
 class HeaderElement
          A skeletal implementation for a header.
 class HeadersElement
          A skeletal implementation for headers, the parent of a group of HeaderElement.
 class InputElement
          A skeletal implementation of an input box.
 class LabelElement
          A XUL element with a label.
 class LabelImageElement
          A XUL element with a label (LabelElement.getLabel()) and an image (LabelImageElement.getImage()).
 class MeshElement
          The fundamental class for mesh elements such as Grid, Listbox, and Tree.
protected  class MeshElement.InternalPaging
 class MessageboxDlg
          Used with Messagebox to implement a message box.
static class MessageboxDlg.Button
          Represents a button on the message box.
 class NumberInputElement
          A skeletal implementation for number-type input box.
 class XulElement
          The fundamental class for XUL elements.

Methods in org.zkoss.zul.impl with parameters of type AbstractComponent
static java.lang.String Utils.getDynamicMediaURI(AbstractComponent comp, int version, java.lang.String name, java.lang.String format)
          Returns the encoded URL for the dynamic generated content, or empty the component doesn't belong to any desktop.

Uses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zuti.zul

Subclasses of AbstractComponent in org.zkoss.zuti.zul
 class Apply
          The apply tag allows you to choose which template to be applied.
 class Choose
          The choose tag works like a Java switch statement in that it lets you choose between a number of alternatives.
 class ForEach
          The basic iteration tag, accepting many different collection types and supporting sub-setting and other functionality like JSTL's forEach
 class If
          The conditional execution of its body according to the value of the test attribute
 class Otherwise
          A switch statement has default clause to specify a default action and similar way choose has otherwise as default clause.
 class TemplateBasedShadowElement
          A template based skeleton class
 class When
          A when tag is used for choose like a Java switch statement in that it lets you between a number of alternatives.

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