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How to use JavaScript Wiki Browser (JWB)

A tool allows users to make semi-automated edits more easily.


  1. need to login first
  2. open developer tool > console tab
  3. paste the code below and press enter to run
  4. wait a second, you will wee Wiki Browser appears:
wiki browser

Normal Usage

determine pages to edit

  • paste one or more page titles in Enter list of pages:
  • select "Setup" tab, click "generate" button, search pages, click "generate" button to produce page list

replace texts

  • In "Edit" tab, enter Replace and With
  • or click More replace field button to add more.

skip no change

if there are many pages to check, in Skip, check Skip when > No changes were made. So wiki browser will skip those pages that no change to make without manually clicking.

start to replace

  1. click Start button to start loading pages in the list
  2. the wiki browser will load a page and show the differences on the top area.

If you confirm the change, click Save button to change and the wiki browser will load the next page. Or you can click Skip button to skip the current page.