Installation Guide for Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo)

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ZK Studio Installation Guide

DocumentationSmall Talks2009JulyInstallation Guide for Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo)
Installation Guide for Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo)

Peter Kuo, Engineer, Potix Corporation
July 03, 2009
ZK Studio 0.9.5 and higher

Installation screencast


Eclipse 3.5.x (Galileo) with WTP platform

The update site URL

Please visit ZK Studio download page


ZK Studio can be installed by using either the online installation with the update site URL, or by downloading the offline installation zip file provided here and following the Offline Installation Guide.

Online installation

1. Open Eclipse, click the [Help] menu and select [Install New Software...]. A install window popup and then click [Add].

Zkstudio installation 35 1.JPG

2. Name the site as zkstudio and copy "" into "Location" and click [OK]

Zkstudio installation 35 2.JPG

3. Unfold the ZK Studio Update entry, check ZK Studio and then click [Next]

Zkstudio installation 35 3.JPG

The Eclipse Installation System will now attempt to retrieve information from the update site. This will take some time depending on your eclipse environment, please be patient.

4. Click [Finish] on the pop-up Install Wizard UI.

Zkstudio installation 35 4.JPG

The Installation process will now begin.

Zkstudio installation 35 5.JPG

5. Once the installation is complete, please restart Eclipse as prompted.

Zkstudio installation 35 6.JPG

Offline installation

1. Download the offline installation zip file here
2. The following steps is much like online installation. But click Archive in step2. Then use file explorer to choose downloaded file in previous step.

Zkstudio installation 35 manual 2.JPG


1. Close all open zul files within Eclipse
2. Click the [Help] menu and select [About Eclipse]
3. Click Installation Details

Zkstudio un install 35 1.JPG

4. Select the Installed Software tab, scroll down the list and select the ZK Studio Eclipse Plugin and then click [Uninstall...]

Zkstudio un install 35 2.JPG

5. On the Uninstall Wizard UI, click [Finish]

Zkstudio un install 35 3.JPG

6. Click "yes" on the confirmation dialogue box to restart Eclipse

Activation Problem

1. Don't mess around your system time. It may cause license check fail.

Copyright © Peter Kuo. This article is licensed under GNU Free Documentation License.