Zk Fancy ScrollBar

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Zk Fancy ScrollBar

  • Author
    Deepak Agarwal, Java Lead, Paxcel Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Date
    December 29, 2011
  • Version
    ZK 5.0.5


This article shows how to customize scroll bars to match up to the theme of your application across browsers.

ZKFancyBar is a wrapper over ZK components (Currently, only Listbox and Grid) which uses scrollbar.js and customizes the scrollbars.


   css -------|-   fancy.css             (Modify if you need to)
   js    -------|-   scroll.js               (Modify if you need to)
                |-    prototype.js
                |-    livepipe.js
                |-    controls.js
                |-    effects.js
                |-    slider.js
                |-    scrollbar.js
 images----|- nodata.png
      |_____src--->net.paxcel.zk.fscroll.FancyScrollDiv            (Container div, encapsulates the structure needed by scroll.js)
                   |--->net.paxcel.zk.fscroll.FancyScrollListBox     ( extends ListBox and creates a FancyScrollDiv around it)
                   |--->net.paxcel.zk.fscroll.FancyScrollGrid     ( extends ListGrid and creates a FancyScrollDiv around it) 


1          <listbox model="@{win$StarController}" use="net.paxcel.zk.fancy.FancyScrollListBox" width="98%></listbox>

How does it look like

FancyScrollDiv.png The right side bluish track is our scroll handle.


Download from ZKFancyBar


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