New Features of ZK 5.0.7

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New Features of ZK 5.0.7

Timothy Clare, Technology Evangelist, Potix Corporation
May 11, 2011
ZK 5.0.7

ZK 5.0.7 is a maintenance release focusing on fixing bugs and releasing new improved features for ZK components.

iPad improvements

ZK 5.0.7 brings with it improved support for the iPad's browser now supporting drag & drop functionality and the iPad's double click event on a widget by widget basis.

i18n improvements

Datebox/timebox allows different formats and locales

Enhanced Tree sorting

Listbox sorts model based on the current state

Listbox supports Listgroup selection

Developer can now specify an empty message for Grid/Listbox

Specify another zk.xml

Not serializable and ignored objects now logged

Client-side smartUpdate now disabled by default

Menuitem supports auto disable


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