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Since 1.1.0

ZATS Mimic introduces the UploadAgent to simulate file uploading operation with consistent usage. UploadAgent supports single or multiple files uploading as ZK components do.

Upload Files with a Component

The basic way to upload files is using a component such as Fileupload, Button, Menuitem, Toolbarbutton and so on. [1] If we assign the upload attribute to these components, users can click and select a file to upload through the browser dialog, as following image shows: Zats upload button.png

We can cast these components as a UploadAgent and perform file uploading. Following is a typical example of single file uploading:

public void test(File file) throws Exception {
	DesktopAgent desktop = Zats.newClient().connect("/upload.zul");
	UploadAgent agent = desktop.query("#btn").as(UploadAgent.class);
	agent.upload(file, null);
	agent.upload(file, "text/plain");
	FileInputStream is = new FileInputStream(file);
	agent.upload(file.getName(), is, "text/plain");
  • Line 13: Cast component to UploadAgent and keep its reference.
  • Line 14: Invoke upload() method to upload a file. We can specify content type through the second argument and null value indicates binary form (application/octet-stream).
  • Line 15: Don't forget to invoke finish()method when the uploading is done. Notice that the instance of UploadAgent should be the same one.
  • Line 16: It specifies the content of file is a plain text. For more type definitions, please refer to Internet media type
  • Line 19, 21: The upload(String, InputStream, String) method won't close the input stream, we should close it manually.


Upload Files with the Static Method

Another way to upload files is invoke the static method get() of Fileupload. [1] UploadAgent also support it. However, the static method was invoked at


Supported Components

DesktopAgent 5, 6


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