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What is ZK Charts

ZK Charts is a component which makes visualization of data exceptionally easy, containing various chart types including line, area, bar, pie, scatter and more. It is compatible with all modern browsers including tablet devices. ZK Charts is based on Highcharts.js, it can therefore utilize all the features included in Highchart.js

Since Highcharts (and the Highcharts API) are well documented, we don't replicate this information in this guide. If you are searching for a specific Highcharts feature or configuration property, please refer to the Highcharts documentation first. In order to implement the chart configuration with ZK Charts refer to Changing Chart Configuration

ZK charts intro.png

Why ZK Charts

ZK Charts has the following advantages:

  • Control charts on server-side in pure Java
  • Fully integrated with ZK
  • Support chart model

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