Text Styles and Inner Tags

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Text Styles and Inner Tags

This section is about how to pass the text styles to the inner HTML tags.


In general, the styles (Widget.setStyle(String)) are generated directly to the outer DOM element by the use of Widget.domAttrs_(Map).

However, for some DOM structure, the text-related styles must be specified in some of the inner tags that contain the text. Otherwise, it won't have any effect to the text's styles.

For example, assume that the widget's HTML representation is as follows.

<span><input type="checkbox"/><label>Text</label></span>


It can be resolved as follows.

First, generates the style for the inner tag (i.e., <label> in the above case) by calling zk.Widget#domTextStyleAttr_

out.push('<label', this.domTextStyleAttr_(), '>',...);

Second, override Widget.getTextNode_() to return the DOM element that embeds the text.

getTextNode_: function () {
    return zDom.firstChild(this.getNode(), "LABEL");

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