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Unsupported Components

The following components are not WCAG-compliant, mostly due to the underlying 3rd party library; or the natural of the technologies being used. Avoid using these components - when the following components are being used, assistive technology users will be hard to interact with them, making it impossible for the users to navigate the application smoothly.

  • Captcha (Please use reCAPTCHA instead)
  • Chart (Suggest using ZKCharts)
  • Cropper (Depends on Jcrop, a third-party library. Drag and drop)
  • Dropupload (Drag and drop)
  • GoldenLayout (Depends on GoldenLayout, a third-party library)
  • Jasperreport (Depends on JasperReports, a third-party library)
  • Signature (Depends on Signature Pad, a third-party library)
  • Tbeditor (Depends on Trumbowyg, a third-party library)

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