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A column of the footer of a list box (Listbox). Its parent must be Listfoot. Unlike Listheader, you could place any child in a list footer.

Note: Listcell also accepts children.


ZKComRef Listbox Example.png

 <window title="listbox demo" border="normal" width="250px">
         <listbox id="box">
             <listhead sizable="true">
                 <listheader label="name" sort="auto"/>
                 <listheader label="gender" sort="auto"/>
                 <listcell label="Mary"/>
                 <listcell label="FEMALE"/>
                 <listcell label="John"/>
                 <listcell label="MALE"/>
                 <listcell label="Jane"/>
                 <listcell label="FEMALE"/>
                 <listcell label="Henry"/>
                 <listcell label="MALE"/>
             <listfoot >
                 <listfooter><label value="This is footer1"/></listfooter>
                 <listfooter><label value="This is footer2"/></listfooter>

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