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*Java API: <javadoc>org.zkoss.zul.Listgroup</javadoc>
*Java API: <javadoc>org.zkoss.zul.Listgroup</javadoc>
*JavaScript API: <javadoc directory="jsdoc">zkex.sel.Listgroup</javadoc>
*JavaScript API: <javadoc directory="jsdoc">zkex.sel.Listgroup</javadoc>
*Style Guide: [ Listgroup]
*Style Guide: [[ZK_Style_Guide/XUL_Component_Specification/Listgroup| Listgroup]]
*{{ZK PE and EE}}
= Employment/Purpose =
= Employment/Purpose =

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Adds the ability for single level grouping to the Listbox.


ZKComRef Listgroup Example.PNG

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     Listbox support Grouping
     <listbox id="listbox" width="250px">
         <listhead sizable="true" id="h">
             <listheader id="h1" label="name" sort="auto" />
             <listheader id="h2" label="gender" sort="auto" />
         <listgroup id="gp1" open="false">
             <listcell label="Group1"/>
             <listcell label="Group2"/>
             <listcell label="a Mary" />
             <listcell label="a FEMALE" />
             <listcell label="b Mary" />
             <listcell label="b FEMALE" />
         <listitem id="li1">
             <listcell label="c Mary1" />
             <listcell label="c FEMALE1" />
             <listcell label="d Mary" />
             <listcell label="d FEMALE" />
             <listcell label="e John" />
             <listcell label="e MALE" />
         <listgroup id="g2" label="Grouping 2" />
             <listcell label="Jane" />
             <listcell label="FEMALE" />
             <listcell label="Henry" />
             <listcell label="MALE" />

Supported Events

Event Type
Event: OpenEvent

Denotes user has opened or closed a component. Note:

unlike onClose, this event is only a notification. The client sends this event after opening or closing the component.

It is useful to implement load-on-demand by listening to the onOpen event, and creating components when the first time the component is opened.

Supported Children

* Listcell

Use Cases

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Version History

Last Update : 2011/1/19

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