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Polyline drawn on the Google Maps per the given (latitude, longitude) points and visible zoom level(0~3).


ZKComRef Gpolyline Example.png

<window title="Google Maps" border="normal" width="520px">
    <script type="text/javascript" content="zk.googleAPIkey='Your-Google-API-Key'"/>
    <gmaps id="mymap" width="500px" height="300px" showSmallCtrl="true">
        <gpolyline points="37.42838786,-122.13998795,3,37.43561240,-122.13277816,3,37.42416187,-122.11441040,3,

Disable Polygon Encoding

since 3.3.0

In order to preserve bandwidth the polyline/polygon path coordinates are encoded (default) with a lossy algorithm (i.e. some precision is lost visible at high zoom levels). In cases where the highest precision is needed (e.g. when editing a polyline/polygon) this encoding can be disabled by setting pathEncoded="false" - at the cost of increased network request and response sizes.

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