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  • Available for ZK:
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Since 9.0.0


This component synchronizes the scrolling position on a page or within ZK containers (Div, Window, etc.) with <a> and <button>. It allows you to both navigate to desired ZK components on a page and to highlight the current navigation link based on the current scroll position.

Scroll a Page

By default, the Anchornav will watch the scroll position of a page.

 1 <zk xmlns:ca="client/attribute">
 2     <anchornav>
 3         <listbox sizedByContent="true" hflex="min">
 4             <listitem><listcell><a ca:data-anchornav-target="$win1"> First Window </a></listcell></listitem>
 5             <listitem><listcell><a ca:data-anchornav-target="$win2"> Second Window </a></listcell></listitem>
 6             <listitem><listcell><a ca:data-anchornav-target="$win3"> Third Window </a></listcell></listitem>
 7         </listbox>
 8     </anchornav>
 9     <window id="win1" title="1. First Window" height="500px" sclass="target" style="background:skyblue">
10         Hello world.
11     </window>
12     <window id="win2" title="2. Second Window" height="500px" sclass="target" style="background:coral">
13         Welcome to ZK world.
14     </window>
15     <window id="win3" title="3. Third Window" height="500px" sclass="target" style="background:bisque">
16         Welcome to ZK world.
17     </window>
18 </zk>
  • Line 4~6: $win1 is an ID selector which means the widget of the component whose ID is win1. Please see Widget selector for details.

A or Button components can be used as anchor links, and targets are specified by the ZK client-attribute ca:data-anchornav-target=[selector].

Here the JQuery-based selector syntax (#domId / .class / elementName) is extended by ZK specific selectors using $componentId or @componentName.

Scroll a Container

To scroll a container, you need to associate a named Anchornav with a container component by setting the client-attribute: ca:data-anchornav-scroll:

<div ca:data-anchornav-scroll="a1">
     <!-- other components -->



Set the name of Anchornav, it is only required when we want to watch scrolling in ZK containers, instead of watching the whole page.

The name declared on Anchornav must be used on the scrolling container with the ca:data-anchornav-scroll attribute such as:

Note: This is necessary when using a scrollbar inside a component, rather than the document-level scrollbar

<zk xmlns:ca="client/attribute">
  <anchornav name="a1" width="250px">
    <div id="scrollableDiv" style="overflow:auto" ca:data-anchornav-scroll="a1">
      <window id="win1" title="1. First Window">
        Hello world.
      <window id="win2" title="2. Second Window">
        Welcome to ZK world.


Default: true

Sets whether to enable position fixed when anchornav is out of current view. When it is set to true, Anchornav will stay (float) on the same position of the page.

Supported Events

Supported Children


Version History

Last Update : 2022/09/20

Version Date Content
9.0.0 November, 2019 Anchornav was introduced.

Last Update : 2022/09/20

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