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= Menuitem =
= Menuitem =
*Demonstration:  [ Menu] and [ Fileupload]
*Demonstration:  [ Menu] and [[Small_Talks/2009/July/ZK_5:_New_File_Upload#Live_Demo |Fileupload]]
*Java API: <javadoc>org.zkoss.zul.Menuitem</javadoc>
*Java API: <javadoc>org.zkoss.zul.Menuitem</javadoc>
*JavaScript API: <javadoc directory="jsdoc"></javadoc>
*JavaScript API: <javadoc directory="jsdoc"></javadoc>

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A single choice in a Menupopup element. It acts much like a button but it is rendered on a menu. Default getZclass(): z-menu-item .

Within ZK 5, the file upload has been redesigned so it can be integrated with any widget. For example, The toolbarbutton can now be used to upload a file. In addition to this, the display of the upload status has been enhanced and can be customized easily.


ZKComRef Menuitem.png

 <menu label="File">
         <menuitem label="New" onClick="alert(self.label)"/>
         <menuitem label="Open" onClick="alert(self.label)"/>
         <menuitem label="Save" onClick="alert(self.label)"/>
         <menuitem label="Exit" onClick="alert(self.label)"/>
 <menuitem label="Home"/>

Fileupload Example

<menuitem upload="true" label="Customized Attach" onUpload='alert("File is uploaded!")'/>

Supported Events

Event Type
Event: CheckEvent

Denotes user has checked the item.

Event: UploadEvent

Denotes user has uploaded a file to the component.

Supported Children


Use Cases

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