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A separator is used to insert a space between two components. There are several ways to customize the separator.

  • By use of the orient attribute, you are able to specify whether the separator is vertical or horizontal. By default it is a horizontal separator, which inserts a line break. On the other hand, a vertical separator inserts white space.
  • By use of the bar attribute, you can control whether to show a horizontal or vertical line between components.
  • By use of the spacing attribute, you can control the size of spacing.


ZKComRef Separator Example.png

 line 1 by separator
 <separator />
 line 2 by separator
 <separator />
 line 3 by separator
 <space bar="true" />
 another piece
 <separator spacing="20px" />
 line 4 by separator
 <space bar="true" spacing="20px" />
 another piece

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