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The behavior of Toolbarbutton is similar to the button except the appearance is different. The button component uses HTML BUTTON tag, while the toolbarbutton component uses HTML DIV tag.

A toolbarbutton could be placed outside a toolbar. However toolbarbuttons change their appearance if they are placed inside a toolbar.

Toolbarbutton supports getHref(). If getHref() is not null, the onClick handler is ignored and this element is degenerated to HTML's A tag.

Within ZK 5, the file upload has been redesigned so it can be integrated with any widget. For example, the toolbarbutton can now be used to upload a file. In addition to this, the display of the upload status has been enhanced and can be customized easily.

See also : Button, Toolbar


ZKComRef Toolbarbutton Example.png

<window title="toolbar demo" border="normal" width="300px">
        <toolbarbutton label="button3" image="/img/network.gif" />
        <space />
        <toolbarbutton label="button4" image="/img/network.gif"
            dir="reverse" />
        <toolbarbutton label="button1" image="/img/network.gif" />
        <space />
        <toolbarbutton label="button2" image="/img/network.gif" />
        <toolbarbutton label="button5" image="/img/network.gif"
            orient="vertical" />
        <space />
        <toolbarbutton label="button6" image="/img/network.gif"
            orient="vertical" dir="reverse" />

Toggle Mode

Since 6.0.0

Toolbarbutton togglemode.png

In the toggle mode (mode="toggle"), the toolbarbutton will display as checked after a user clicked it, and will be released after the next click. It will fire CheckEvent when state changed.

<window title="Toolbarbutton" border="normal" width="250px" >
	<toolbar >
		<toolbarbutton label="File system" mode="toggle" >
			<attribute name="onCheck"><![CDATA[
	<label id="result" />

File Upload

Any toolbarbutton[1] can be used to upload files. All you need to do is:

  1. Specify the upload attribute with true
  2. Handles the onUpload event.
<toolbarbutton upload="true" label="Fileupload" onUpload="myProcessUpload(event.getMedia())"/>

When the file is uploaded, an instance of UploadEvent is sent to the button. Then, the event listener can retrieve the uploaded content by examining the return value of UploadEvent.getMedia().

  1. Any Button can be used to upload files too.

Supported Events

Event Type
Event: CheckEvent

Denotes when toolbarbutton is checked , only available in toggle mode . (since ZK 6.0.0)

Supported Children


Use Cases

Version Description Example Location

Version History

Last Update : 2022/07/08

Version Date Content
6.0.0 2/10 Introduce Toggle Mode to Toobarbutton

Last Update : 2022/07/08

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