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The history pop state event used with onHistoryPopState to notify that user pressed BACK, FORWARD or others that causes the history changed (but still in the same desktop).

All root components of all pages of the desktop will receives this event.


The example shows how to push a history state and handle a HistoryPopStateEvent object.

  <tabbox id="tb" height="300px">
    <attribute name="onSelect"><![CDATA[
      Tab selected = event.getReference();
      int selectedIndex = selected.getIndex();
      desktop.pushHistoryState(Collections.singletonMap("tabIndex", selectedIndex), "", "/" + selectedIndex);
    <attribute name="onHistoryPopState"><![CDATA[
      Map state = event.getState();
      if (state != null)
    <tabs id="tabs">
      <tab id="A" label="Tab A" />
      <tab id="B" label="Tab B" />
      <tab id="C" label="Tab C" />
      <tab id="D" label="Tab D" />
      <tab id="E" label="Tab E" />
      <tabpanel>This is panel A</tabpanel>
      <tabpanel>This is panel B</tabpanel>
      <tabpanel>This is panel C</tabpanel>
      <tabpanel>This is panel D</tabpanel>
      <tabpanel>This is panel E</tabpanel>

You can handle events in an MVC fashion.

public class TestComposer extends SelectorComposer<Tabbox> {
  private Tabbox tb;
  @Listen("onHistoryPopState = #tb")
  public void handleHistoryPopState(HistoryPopStateEvent event) {
    Map state = (Map) event.getState();
    if (state != null) {
      tb.setSelectedIndex((int) state.get("tabIndex"));
  • Line 5: Listen the onHistoryPopState event of the root component #tb.

Or you can use a special annotition HistoryPopState if you prefer MVVM.

public class TestVM {
  private int selectedIndex = 0;
  public int getSelectedIndex() {
  	return selectedIndex;
  public void setSelectedIndex(int index) {
    selectedIndex = index;
    Desktop desktop = Executions.getCurrent().getDesktop();
    desktop.pushHistoryState(Collections.singletonMap("tabIndex", selectedIndex), "", "/" + selectedIndex);

  public void handleHistoryPopState(@ContextParam(ContextType.TRIGGER_EVENT) HistoryPopStateEvent event) {
    Map state = (Map) event.getState();
    if (state != null) {
      selectedIndex = ((int) state.get("tabIndex"));
  • Line 14: a method annotated with HistoryPopState can handle HistoryPopStateEvent.

Supported events

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Version History

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8.5.0 Oct 2017 ZK-3711: Support HTML5 history API

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