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= Example =
= Example =
[[Image: ZKComRef_Frozen_Example.png]]
[[Image: ZKComRef_Frozen_Example.png | center]]
<source lang="xml">
<source lang="xml">

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A frozen component to represent frozen "columns" in grid, like MS Excel. Using the "start"-attribute the horizontal scroll position can be defined.


ZKComRef Frozen Example.png
<grid width="600px">
	<frozen columns="2" start="1"/>
		<column width="50px">ID</column>
		<column width="50px">Priority</column>
		<column width="50px">Status</column>
		<column width="150px">Summary</column>
		<column width="250px">Detail</column>
		<column width="100px">Group</column>
		<column width="50px">Assign</column>
			<cell>Fix login issue</cell>
			<cell>Login does not work at all</cell>
			<cell>Button style broken</cell>
			<cell>Check main.css</cell>
			<cell>Client search result</cell>
			<cell>Search service returns incomplete result</cell>

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