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By default, the 2-digit year start is set to 1929.

However, you can configure it different, and it will affect how datebox and calendar components behave.

The 2-digit year start is used for the format with "yy" pattern only, change the parse result in the 100 years span after that year. For example, 2 digit year start 1950 will parse [0-49] : 2000-2049 and [50-99] : 1950-1999

If a property called org.zkoss.web.preferred.2DigitYearStart defined in the library property (i.e., Library). If so, use it.


Since 8.6.2

Only allow positive integer. For example:


Version History

Last Update : 2022/07/08

Version Date Content
8.6.2 May 2019 The the 2 digit year start is configurable

Last Update : 2022/07/08

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