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The latest versions containing a fix are:
The latest versions containing a fix are:
* for CE users or later [ downloads]
* for CE users or later [ downloads]
* for PE/EE users,,,  or later [ premium downloads]
* for PE/EE users,,,  or later [ premium downloads]

Latest revision as of 08:45, 13 August 2019


Before enabling this feature upgrade to the latest available versions (older versions contain a critical security vulnerability).

The latest versions containing a fix are:


Dndsmalltalk-check-icon.png globally in zk.xml via <library-property>
Dndsmalltalk-cross-icon.png not as <custom-attribute>
Default: none
[Since 5.0.0]

It specifies a directory, where ZK will load the so-called Class-Web Resources (CWR), in addition to the class path. CWR includes JavaScript files, CSS files, and other resources that are specified in the form of ~./xxx.

By default, ZK only searches the class path for the required CWR. By specifying a directory here, ZK will search the directory first and then the class path. This implies that a developer can override the default behavior by providing a file with the same name.

Notice: never put security sensitive files in the directory specified here, since they can be accessed externally.

For example, assuming that we have a JavaScript package called foo.great and we want to put it to WEB-INF/cwr, we have to specify the following in WEB-INF/zk.xml:


You can place zk.wpd and the required JavaScript files under the WEB-INF/cwr/js/foo/great directory.

Overriding JavaScript Files in a JAR

Though rarely needed, you could still override a JavaScript file of a JAR file with this option. One example is that you don't have to re-package zul.jar when replacing zul/inp/Textbox.js that is part of zul.jar.

Rather, you could specify this library property as described above, and place the modified version of Textbox.js under the /WEB-INF/cwr/js/zul/inp directory. Then, ZK will load /WEB-INF/cwr/js/zul/inp/Textbox.js you placed rather than the default one in zul.jar.

Notice that if debug-js is turned on, ZK will actually look for Textbox.src.js rather than Textbox.js in the above example. Thus, it is suggested to put both Textbox.src.js and Textbox.js the /WEB-INF/cwr/js/zul/inp directories. In addition, Textbox.src.js is suggested to be the readable one (for debugging purpose), while Textbox.js is the compressed one (for production purpose).

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Overriding with Classpath Web Resource Path

ZK loads the source file under the classpath web resource path, WEB-INF/classes/web/js, as the first priority. So that you can put javascript files here to override the files in a jar under the corresponding path. The picture below demonstrates to override javascript files under zkcharts.jar/web/js/chart/ext: