The cache-provider-class Element

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The cache-provider-class Element


[Default: SessionDesktopCacheProvider]

It specifies which class is used to implement the desktop cache. The class must have a default constructor (without any argument), and implement the DesktopCacheProvider interface.

One instance of the cache provider is created and shared for each Web application, so you have to synchronize the access properly.

Available implementations are as follows.

SessionDesktopCacheProvider It stores all desktops from the same session in one single cache. It is simple and fast, but not supporting clustering by default. To support clustering, please check the configuration for clustering.
GlobalDesktopCacheProvider It stores all desktops from the same Web application in one single cache. In other words, it doesn't count on session at all.

It is useful because some Web server, e.g, BEA WebLogic, might be configured to use independent sessions for each request.

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