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ZK User Interface Markup Language

Stop.png This documentation is for an older version of ZK. For the latest documentation please click here.


The ZK User Interface Markup Language (ZUML) is based on XML. ZUML file has filename extension : zul. Each ZK element instructs the ZK Loader which component to create. A ZK property describes an initial value to be assigned to the created component. A ZK processing instruction describes how to process the whole page, such as the page title.

Implicit Objects are much like global variables handled by system. You can use it to get information of system and client. Also, it's a way to pass information between pages. You'll find it really helpful in developing a web application.

Expresion Language let you access variables in intuitive way.

zscript let you write java code inside ZUML, for fast prototyping.

In section ZK Processing Instruction, we'll show how to use the most common directives to control page behavior, such like macro component.

In section ZK Attributes, we'll show attributes used to control the associated element, not just initializing the data member. It provides utilities like conditional evaluation(if), iterative evaluation(forEach), etc.

In section ZK Elements, we'll show useful elements that's not UI component, like zk element, zscript element.

After reading this chapter, you should be able to write your own ZUML pages easily.

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