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=Version History=
=Version History=
{| border='1px' | width="100%"
{| border='1px' | width="100%"
! Version !! Date !! Content
! Version !! Date !! Content

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For better control of data-binding manager, you can set the access mode of the attribute-name of the component-name to be both(load/save), load(load Only), save(save Only), or none(neither) .

<component-name attribute-name="@{bean-name.attribute-name,access='type-name'}"/>

  • type-name represents a certain kind of access mode

Multiple definition is NOT allowed and the later defined would override the previous defined one. 

In the following example, if the value of Textbox, "firstName", and "lastName" has been modified, the value of Listcell, "fullname", will remain unchanged because Data Binding manager is informed not to update its value.

<?init class="org.zkoss.zkplus.databind.AnnotateDataBinderInit"?>

<window width="500px">
	    Person person = new Person();

			<listheader label="First Name" width="100px" />
			<listheader label="Last Name" width="100px" />
			<listheader label="Full Name" width="100px" />
				<textbox id="firstName" value="@{person.firstName}" />
				<textbox id="lastName" value="@{person.lastName}" />
			<listcell id="fullName"
				label="@{person.fullName, access='none'}" />

Version History

Last Update : 2010/12/17

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