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If some of the client machines are far away from the application server, we could set up a server nearby the clients to host ZK's JavaScript and CSS files, and then configure the application server to generate the URLs of JavaScript and CSS (and iamges it refers) from the the sever nearby clients.


*Notice : the ZK static resource server is a simple server which deploy official ZK library, not whole application of yours.

How to

  1. Implement the Encodes.URLEncoder
  2. Add library-property configuration to the zk.xml
    Document : ZK Configuration Reference/zk.xml/The Library Properties/org.zkoss.web.servlet.http.URLEncoder.
  3. Host ZK static resouce server

Following is a sample :


    <value>org.zkoss.test.TestEncoder</value> <!-- Where the Implementation Class is -->


package org.zkoss.test;
import javax.servlet.ServletContext;
import javax.servlet.ServletRequest;
import javax.servlet.ServletResponse;
import org.zkoss.web.servlet.http.Encodes.URLEncoder;
public class TestEncoder implements URLEncoder {

	public String encodeURL(ServletContext ctx, ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response,
	String uri, URLEncoder defaultEncoder) throws Exception {
		if (isStaticResource(uri)) {
			return getResourceHost() + uri.replace("~./", "");
		} else {
			return defaultEncoder.encodeURL(ctx, request, response, uri, defaultEncoder);
	 * file .wcs : CSS File
	 * file .wpd : Javscript File
	private boolean isStaticResource(String url) {
		return url.startsWith("~./") && (url.endsWith(".wpd") || url.endsWith(".wcs"));

	 * Detect where the ip is/ who is login / what kind of resouce server will
	 * @return the host name include protocol prefix. (Client will retrieve resource from it)
	private String getResourceHost() {
		return "http://SomeWhereNearbyMe/DefaultContext/zkau/web/";


Hosting ZK Static Resource

Simply deploy ZK Library to a server (near your customer) and add the URL to your implementation of URLEncoder.

Don't know how to deploy on server ? Please refer to Installation Guide.

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