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[since 5.0.4][ZK EE]

It is common that the states of some components are not required to maintain at the server. A typical example is that an application might use some components, such as hbox, for layout and won't access it again after rendered. To minimize the memory footprint, ZK supports a special property called stubonly (Component.setStubonly(String)). Once specified with true, its states won't be maintained at the server (and all states are maintained at the client). For example,

<hbox stubonly="true">

Values of Stubonly: true, false and inherit

The default value of the stubonly property is inherit that is the same as its parent, if any, or false, if no parent at all. Thus, if a component's stubonly is specified with true, all its descendants are stub-only too, unless false is specified explicitly. For example, in the following example, only textbox is not stub-only, while hbox, splitter, listbox, listitem and labels are all stub-only.

<hbox stubonly="true">
  a stub-only label
  <textbox stubonly="false"/>
    <listitem label="also stubonly"/>


Invalidation and Smart Updates

Event Handling

Client-side Programming

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