Setting Up the Applications Using Eclipse

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Stop.png This article is out of date, please refer to for more up to date information.

If you prefer to install it manually or use other IDEs, please refer to Create and Run Your First ZK Application Manually.

Set-up ZK Studio

  1. Open your Eclipse IDE
  2. On the main menu bar, select Help > Install New Software...
  3. Copy and paste the ZK Studio plugin's update URL : For Eclipse 3.5, or for Eclipse 3.6 into the input box as shown below:
    ZKEssentials Setup ZKStudio.png
  4. Select Help > Activate ZK Studio
    ZKEssentials Setup ActivateZKStudio.png
  5. Once the download is complete, go to Window > Preferences > ZK > ZK Packages, click Add File/Directory to add the ZK package downloaded
  6. Check-mark the package and click "Ok"
    ZKEssentials Setup ZKJars.png

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