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You don't need to know Java to use ZK, since all rich user interfaces can be implemented in a HTML-like markup language called ZUML. However, to complete a Web application, you or your teammates need some basic Java knowledge.

If you haven't installed the following applications on your computer, please download and install them first.

JDK is a software development for writing application in Java,
  • Note : we suggest you install this first even some web server already contains one
A Web servlet is used to host the Web application you developed
  • ZK Framework
ZK is am Ajax framework simplifying the development of Web applications

Java Tutorials

Here are some good Java tutorials.

Language Basic
Class and Object

Install Java SE Development Kit

ZK supports JDK[1] 1.4, 5, and 6. You could visit the Java website to download and install the version you want.


Installation Instructions:


Installation Instructions:

  1. Java SE Development Kit

Version History

Version Date Content
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