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What is ZK Pivottable

ZK Pivottable is an Ajax data summarization component, which takes raw data from a flat table (like tables in relational database) and organize them by desired categories arranged on columns and rows.

ZK Pivottable brings the power of spreadsheet’s pivot table to Java web applications, enabling developers to take advantage of a readymade component for demonstrating complex sets of data online.

ZK Pivot Esn difference.png

Visual Demo

Say, you are a sales manager in a travel agency, working on a performance review of your team members.

This video provides an overview on how Pivottable can help you gather information much more easily from raw data.

Live Demo

You can also play with our live demo.

Download Example Codes

The rest of the book will go into more details of ZK Pivottable. You can download all the example codes described later in this book as a web archive here. Deploy once and you can execute individual examples as and when you go through the book.

Supported Browsers

IE8+, latest Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera

Version History

Last Update : 2013/10/15

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