Setting Up ZK Spreadsheet

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Setting Up ZK Spreadsheet

Follow the simple setups below to start using ZK Spreadsheet.


Start using ZK Spreadsheet!


  • Downloaded ZK 5 CE (or higher) from [1]
  • Downloaded ZK Spreadsheet 2.0 from [2]

Installing the Libraries

The setup procedure depends on your choice of IDE. The most important part is including both ZK Spreadsheet and ZK’s JAR files in your project. The project should be a ZK Project or a Web Application Project depending on the environment you are using.

The easiest way to create a compatible project is to use ZK Studio and then include all essential libraries. All libraries can be download from page [3], inside ZK Spreadsheet binary.

A Very Basic Application

Having completed setting up ZK and ZK Spreadsheet, we'll also need to prepare a Excel file as a source of the spreadsheet. We then create an index.zul file to contain the spreadsheet as shown in the code below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<zk xmlns="">
    <spreadsheet src="/demo_sample.xls"	


  • src: The source file of the spreadsheet
  • maxrows: The maximum number of columns of this spread sheet
  • maxcolumns: The maximum number of rows of this spread sheet
  • hflex and vflex: ZK's attribute, refer to [4]

This gives us our very first ZK Spreadsheet application. When the code is started, navigate to index.zul and the following page should be displayed.

ZKSsEss Simple spreadsheet application.png

Congratulations! That is all it takes to embed ZK Spreadsheet within your ZK application.

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