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ZK Spreadsheet provide various setting

Client Cache

Use client cache will improve performance when user switch between sheet.

ZK Spreadsheet enable cache by default. To disable cache, use Spreadsheet.setClientCacheDisabled

Max Rendered Cell Size

ZK Spreadsheet load cell data and also prune invisible cells as well when user scrolling sheet. The default setting is 8000, means client side will prune cells only when total cell number is more then 8000. Set by Spreadsheet.setMaxRenderedCellSize

Ideality, if browser could support, no prune cell would provide best response effect, since all loaded cell no need to re-create. However, browser has limitation, if loaded cell number is outnumber then browser could handle, browser may become slow and unstable.

Preload Size

ZK Spreadsheet load cell data base on preloadRowSize/preloadColSize attribute when load sheet and scrolling.

In theory, increase preload size will improve response time since cell data may preloaded, then no need to send request to server, it will also decrease the number of client/server communcation. However, if preload size is outnumber then needed, client side may need extra time to process extra data. For example, a screen display 50 rows * 30 columns, but preload size is 500 rows * 300 columns, then client side need to process many extra invisible data. Developer could adjust the preload size base on sheet's data size.



Version History

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2.3.0 April, 2012 Client cache/Max Rendered Cell Size

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