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Refer to sample []
Refer to sample []
=Version History=
=Version History=

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ZK Spreadsheet provide sheetbar for user to perform sheet actions, such as select sheet, add sheet, delete sheet etc...

Show Sheetbar

Use Spreadsheet.setShowSheetbar to show sheetbar.

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet Sheetbar.png

Add Sheet

Click the button to add sheet
ZKSsEss Spreadsheet Sheetbar addSheetButton.png

The new sheet name prefix use Sheet, developer could change it by use I18N key zss.sheet
ZKSsEss Spreadsheet Sheetbar addedSheet.png


Each button/menuitem map to a key, developer could browser all I18 keys by Action.getLabelKeys

Here is partial keys for sheetbar

Action I18 Key
Add Sheet zss.addSheet
Delete Sheet zss.deleteSheet
Rename Sheet zss.renameSheet
Move Sheet Left zss.moveSheetLeft
Move Sheet Right zss.moveSheetRight
Protect Sheet zss.protectSheet

Refer to sample

ZKSsEss Spreadsheet Sheetbar I18N.png

Version History

Last Update : 2012/04/05

Version Date Content
2.3.0 April, 2012 Sheetbar

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