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ZKs stands for ZK Storage. It is the mechanism by which ZK studio manages file resources that ZK project or ZK studio may use.

Currently it includes:

Sample Codes: Templates of sample ZK code
ZK Releases: ZK Studio's release is bundled with latest stable ZK library.

You can see the content of ZK Storage in the ZK Storage View

Zk studio 094 storage view.jpg

ZK Binary Distribution Management

Download and Import ZK Binary Distribution

To download the latest ZK release, please visit ZK Download Page.

To import a ZK library from local file system, you have to open the ZK Storage View and click on the import icon to import a ZK archive (for example, zk-bin-3.6.1.zip) into ZK Storage.

The Storage View can be opened by clicking [Window]/[Show View]/[Other] and selecting ZK > ZK Storage View.

Step1: Click the Import button in ZK Storage View.

Zk studio 094 storage import 1.jpg

Step2: Click File Import and a file dialog will appear.

Zk studio 094 storage import 2.jpg

Step3: Choose the ZK archive file you want, then click Open.

Zk studio 094 storage import 3.jpg

Step4: Click Finish

Zk studio 094 storage import 4.jpg

Step5: You can see that the ZK archive is imported into ZKs.

Zk studio 094 storage import 5.jpg

To remove a ZK library, simply right click on it and click delete.

Zk studio 094 remove zk lib.JPG

Configure ZK Binary Distribution

In ZK Packages preferences page, you can check the check box of the imported ZK Packages on the ZK Package list as the default ZK library for any ZK Web application you will create later. If you don't select anyone as a default ZK library, ZK Studio will automatically choose the latest version of those imported ZK Packages.

GlobalPreference ZKPackages.png

You can remove unwanted ZK package in ZK Packages preferences page in Preferences Window by select the row in ZK Package then click Remove.

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