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The global preference for ZK Studio can be accessed by selecting [Window]/[Preferences] from Eclipse's main menu.


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  • Error Reporter
ZK Studio can send its error log to us in order to improve the quality and performance of future ZK Studio versions, check this to enable sending of the error log.
If you have to connect the internet through proxy, you may setup proxy URL and port to make it work.

Visual Editor

This page configures the presentational style of the Visual Editor.

GlobalPreference VisualEditor.png

  • Auto restart the visual editor if a project has failed to be hosted.
The ZUL Visual Editor will try to restart if a serious error occurs, turn this off to improve the performance of ZUL Visual Editor.
  • Show border on component mouse over
Check this to have a dash-line border appear on the preview result of the Visual Editor upon mouse over of a component.
  • Show border on non-selected components
Check this to have a dash-line border on all components in preview result of Visual Editor.
  • Update frequency(ms) of VE
This setting controls the automatic refresh time for Visual Editor. By setting it higher, the Visual Editor will render the preview less frequently but it will also increase the performance of the Visual Editor.

ZK Account

This page shows the activation status of your ZK account. You can directly activate your ZK account here. GlobalPreference ZK Account.png

For more information, please refer to Activate_ZK_Studio

ZK Packages

On the ZK Packages preferences page, checking the box of an imported ZK Package will make it the default ZK Library. This default library will then be automatically used for any new ZK Web Application.

If you don't select a default ZK library, ZK Studio will automatically choose the latest version of your imported ZK Packages.

Zk studio 094 perference package.png

Another way to import ZK package is through ZK storage View, please refer to Configure ZK Binary Distribution

ZUL Editor

This page is used configure ZUL Editor options.

GlobalPreference ZULEditor.PNG

  • Use ZK Studio's built in zul.xsd
The content assistance feature requires a zul.xsd file to be functional, by default it will load the zul.xsd that is already included in ZK Studio. If this option is unchecked, ZK Studio will use the zul.xsd from the ZK Website.
  • Use a local zul.xsd
You could use a local zul.xsd if you have problems to use the zul.xsd from remote ZK Website. To use a local zul.xsd, please follow following steps:
  1. Download the zul.xsd from and store it in a folder.
  2. Open Window > Preferences, XML > XML Catalog, click Add to add an entry.
  3. Set the Location to the local location of the zul.xsd.
  4. Set Key type to Schema location
  5. Set Key to
  • Auto detect zscript for IMPORT and DECLARATION statement
By checking this, you don't have to deliberately add extra //@IMPORT and //@DELARATION statement to help zscript parser. Content assistence and Syntax checking should work well now without such statement.
  • Enable automatic content assist
If this option has been checked, upon typing in the ZUL Editor, the content assistance will automatically show a list of possible candidates. If this is not checked you will need to use the keyboard shortcut to invoke content assistance.
  • Auto content assist triggers
Set what character will auto invoke Content Assist in the ZUL Editor, the default value is the same as Eclipse Java Development Tools(JDT)'s value.

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