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This is the Default mold for Chosenbox.


CompREF Chosenbox 02.png

CompREF Chosenbox 03.png


CSS\Action Normal (Open) Hover Click, Select, and Drag. Focus Focus and Hover Disable
Naming: .z-chosenbox -focus
Supported: V

Note: An exclamation mark(!) means that the action effect is done by CSS background , not CSS background-position

CSS Specification

Class Name Description Default Values
.z-chosenbox Main layout
.z-chosenbox-focus Focused
.z-chosenbox-sel Selected items
.z-chosenbox-sel-item Selected item
.z-chosenbox-sel-item-focus Selected item focused
.z-chosenbox-inp Input field
.z-chosenbox-pp Drop down list
.z-chosenbox-option Option
.z-chosenbox-option-over Mouseover option

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