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=Version History=
=Version History=
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! Version !! Date !! Content
! Version !! Date !! Content

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The default evaluator for EL expressions is derived from Apache Commons EL. Thus, its funcationality is the same as JSP 2.0's EL expressions[1].

If you prefer a more powerful EL evaluator, such as MVEL, OGNL[2] or your own implementation, you could specify it with the evaluator directive. For example,

<?evaluator name="mvel"

<window id="w" title="MVEL Demo">
	You see a textbox appended with MVEL:
	${new Datebox().setParent(w)}
	Another example:
	${new org.zkoss.zul.Textbox().setParent(w)}
	${new Combobox().setParent(w)}

  1. Notice that the package names are all changed, and the dependency of JSP EL is removed, so it is OK to run under any Web server without any conflict
  2. Both MVEL and OGNL are supported in ZK EE.

Version History

Last Update : 2010/12/17

Version Date Content

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