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In general, a XML text is interpreted as a label component. For example,

  Begin ${foo.whatever}

is equivalent to

  <label value="Begin ${foo.whatever}"/>

However, a component can be designed to accept the nested text as the value of a component property. In other words, a component designer could decide to make ZK Loader interpret the nest text as the value of a predefined property. For example, Html is one of this kind of components, and

<html>Begin ${foo.whatever}</html>

is equivalent to

<html content="Begin ${foo.whatever}"/>

It is designed to make it easy to specify multiple-line value, so it is usually used by particular components that requires the multi-line value.

Here is a list of components that interprets the XML text as a property's value.

Component Name Property Name Method
a label A.setLabel(String)
button label Button.setLabel(String)
comboitem content Comboitem.setContent(String)
html content Html.setContent(String)
label value Label.setValue(String)
script content Script.setContent(String)
style content Style.setContent(String)

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