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Major Releases

ZK Framework

Version 7.0.2

Major binding improvements along with the addition of the Polish language!

ZK Spreadsheet

Version 3.5

The only embeddable Ajax component for Java Web Applications.

ZK Charts

Version 1.0

Interactive charting for your Java web applications!

Popular Contributor’s Articles

Integrating BIRT Viewer Toolkit and ZK

By Shamil' Mustafin | June 19, 2014

Project mission: To display a report in a web application.
Viewing reports in web applications is always topical. The question is how to do it ? This small talk will help to solve this issue by introducing BIRT. BIRT Viewer Toolkit (BVT) is a free toolkit that was created to enhance the BIRT experience for open-source users. The toolkit provides use of the BIRT Viewer, for a cleaner, more modern look and feel. It also allows open-source users to utilize the JavaScript API (JSAPI) to more easily embed BIRT data visualizations into many different types of applications.

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ZK MVVM List Box Export to Excel

By Senthil Muthiah | June 22, 2014

In this post, we will see how to export records from the DB to Excel format.

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Success Stories

Softeco also uses ZK to build the ARION project - a tracking system to help protect dolphins from human activity and resource exploitation.

Softeco Sismat, formed in 1979, is one of the leading companies in the Information and Communications Technology market of Italy.

With ZK we get amazing results very quickly, which is extremely convenient for rapid prototyping"

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