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Spring 2014

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Major Releases

ZK Framework

Version 7.0.1

New theme system, combining the power of CSS 3, LESS & Bootstrap to create the best possible experience.

ZK Spreadsheet

Version 3.5RC

The only embeddable Ajax component for Java Web Applications.

ZK Charts

Version 1.0

Interactive charting for your Java web applications!

Popular Contributor’s Articles

Chat with Global Command

By Cossaer Filip | March 6, 2014

In the article ZK 5: Chat with Event Queue, Tom Yeh explains how to create a chat program with the event Queue. Now with MVVM we can do that way also, or say, we use a more MVVM compliant approach. In this small talk we will write a simple chat program just like Tom Yeh. We suggest you to read the previous article first for better understanding.

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Success Stories

Syslink Xandria leverages ZK to provide a smart and reliable System Management application focused on Enterprise-grade SAP Solutions and large-scale Database Environments..

Syslink is an independent SAP® Service Provider as well as a software developing firm emerged from Pricewaterhouse Coopers’ outsourcing business in Switzerland.

ZK seamlessly replaced a heavy JSP+Servlet+custom JS framework giving the possibility to developers to concentrate more on models and processes rather than on obtaining a specific functional behaviour – in this sense, a quick tour in the ZK demo page resulted often truly inspiring!
MultiScaleHuman is a multi-scale biological data visualization and knowledge management system developed with ZK to help improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of physiological human articulation.

Softeco Sismat, formed in 1979, is one of the leading companies in the Information and Communications Technology market of Italy.

With ZK we get amazing results very quickly, which is extremely convenient for rapid prototyping"
Sciformation leveraged the power of ZK to deliver an outstanding ELN system.

Sciformation Consulting develops software for science, especially for chemistry and related fields. Their web-based programs allow researchers to be more productive, and to take long-term advantage of the results.

I am still convinced that using ZK was the best option we could choose. A substantial part of our success was only possible as we could take benefit of ZK's great functionality, user-experience and documentation, while relying on ZK's excellent stability and compatiblity.

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