Class Detail

  extended by zk.Object
      extended by zk.Widget
          extended by zul.Widget
              extended by zkex.grid.Detail

public class Detail
extends Widget

The detail component is used to display a detailed section where a master row and multiple detail rows are on the same row.


  1. onOpen is sent when this component is opened or closed by user.

Default Widget.getZclass(): z-detail.

Default Widget.getWidth(): 18px. It depends on the width of the icon of the detail.

Available in ZK PE and EE

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class zk.Widget
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Fields inherited from class zk.Object
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Method Summary
 String getContentSclass()
          Returns the style class used for the content block.
 String getContentStyle()
          Returns the CSS style for the content block of the window.
 boolean isOpen()
          Returns whether the detail is open.
 void onStripe(Event evt)
          A callback function for changing stripe
 void open(boolean open, boolean silent)
          Do open and close behave of the detail
 void setContentSclass(String scls)
          Sets the style class used for the content block.
 void setContentStyle(String style)
          Sets the CSS style for the content block of the window.
 void setOpen(boolean open)
          Sets whether the detail is open.
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Method Detail


public void setOpen(boolean open)
Sets whether the detail is open.

open -


public boolean isOpen()
Returns whether the detail is open.



public void setContentStyle(String style)
Sets the CSS style for the content block of the window.

Default: null.

style -


public String getContentStyle()
Returns the CSS style for the content block of the window.



public void setContentSclass(String scls)
Sets the style class used for the content block.

scls -


public String getContentSclass()
Returns the style class used for the content block.



public void onStripe(Event evt)
A callback function for changing stripe

evt -


public void open(boolean open,
                 boolean silent)
Do open and close behave of the detail

open - sets whether the detail is open
silent - sets whether it will notify server when the detail is open

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