ZK Client Engine 6.5.0 API

_global_ The global namespace in JavaScript (i.e., the window object).
jq DOM event object and utilities
zk ZK JavaScript extension and utilities
zk.canvas Canvas - 2D command-based drawing.
zk.eff The effects, such as mask and shadow.
zk.wgt Utilities to handle widgets, such as the information about widgets.
zk.xml XML utilities.
zk.zuml iZUML utilities.
zkex.grid Additional grid related widgets, such as detail and group.
zkex.inp Additional input related widgets and utilities, such as color.
zkex.layout Additional layout related widgets and columlayout.
zkex.menu Additional menu related widgets and utilities, such as fisheye.
zkex.sel Additional selectable related widgets, such as listgroup.
zkex.utl Additional utility widgets and utilities, such as jasperreport.
zkmax.layout Additional layout related widgets, such as portallayout and tablelayout.
zul The ZUL widgets and utilities
zul.box The box widgets, such as hbox and vbox.
zul.db The date related widgets, such as datebox and calendar.
zul.grid The grid related widgets, such as grid and row.
zul.inp The input related widgets, such as textbox and combobox.
zul.layout The layout widgets, such as borderlayout.
zul.med The multimedia widgets, such as applet and audio.
zul.menu The menu related widgets, such as menubar and menuitem.
zul.mesh The two-dimensional mesh related widgets.
zul.sel The selectable widgets, such as listbox and tree.
zul.tab The tabbox related widgets, such as tabbox and tabpanel.
zul.utl The utility widgets, such as iframe and script.
zul.wgt The basic widgets, such as button and div.
zul.wnd The window related widgets, such as window and panel.


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