Class Portallayout

  extended by zk.Object
      extended by zk.Widget
          extended by zul.Widget
              extended by zkmax.layout.Portallayout

public class Portallayout
extends Widget

A portal layout lays out a container which can have multiple columns, and each column may contain one or more panel. Portal layout provides a way to drag-and-drop panel into other portalchildren from the same portal layout.
Use Portallayout need assign width (either present or pixel) on every Portalchildren, or we cannot make sure about layout look.


Default Widget.getZclass(): z-portallayout.

Available in ZK EE

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 String getMaximizedMode()
          Returns the mode of the maximized panel.
 Panel getPanel(int col, int row)
          Returns the specified pnael, or null if not available.
 Array getPosition(Panel panel)
          Returns an int array[col, row] that indicates the specified panel located within this portal layout.
 void setMaximizedMode(String mode)
          Sets the mode of the panel to maximize according to "whole" or "column".
 boolean setPanel(Panel panel, int col, int row)
          Sets the specified panel via the position(col and row).
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Method Detail


public void setMaximizedMode(String mode)
Sets the mode of the panel to maximize according to "whole" or "column". "Whole" is meaning the size related to the portal layout itself. Otherwise, the size is related to portal children, that is called "column".

Default: "column"

mode - the mode which could be one of "whole" and "column".


public String getMaximizedMode()
Returns the mode of the maximized panel.

Default: "column"



public Panel getPanel(int col,
                      int row)
Returns the specified pnael, or null if not available.

col - which Portalchildren to fetch (starting at 0).
row - which Panel to fetch (starting at 0).


public boolean setPanel(Panel panel,
                        int col,
                        int row)
Sets the specified panel via the position(col and row).

panel - a new panel component
col - which Portalchildren to fetch (starting at 0).
row - which Panel to fetch (starting at 0).
boolean If false, the added panel fails.


public Array getPosition(Panel panel)
Returns an int array[col, row] that indicates the specified panel located within this portal layout. If not found, [-1, -1] is assumed.

panel -

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