Package org.zkoss.bind.impl

Core Implementation for ZK Bind


Interface Summary
ImplicitObjectContributor to contribute implicit object
ReferenceBindingHandler to handle reference binding

Class Summary
AbstractAnnotatedMethodInvoker<T extends Annotation> To help calling a ViewModel annotated method with binding arguments.
AbstractBindingHandler to help implement BinderImpl
AbstractForEachStatus The Class AbstractForEachStatus.
AbstractRenderer to handle the common task of resolver a template of a renderer
AccessInfo Represent an load/save binding expression e.g.
AnnotateBinderHelper Helper class to parse binding annotations and create bindings.
AnnotationUtil An internal utility to help processing component annotation, for internal using only.
BindChildRenderer to renderer children of component
BindComboitemRenderer comboitem renderer for binding.
BindContextImpl Implementation of BindContext.
BindContextUtil to help handling BindContext, internal use only,
BinderImpl Implementation of Binder.
BindEvaluatorXImpl A simple implementation of BindEvaluatorX.
BindEvaluatorXUtil an internal utility to help doing evaluation.
BindingImpl Base implementation for implementing a Binding
BindListitemRenderer Listitem renderer for binding.
BindRadioRenderer radio renderer for binding.
BindRowRenderer Row renderer for binding.
BindSelectboxRenderer selectbox renderer.
BindTreeitemRenderer Treeitem renderer for binding.
ChildrenBindingImpl A base implementation of ChildrenBinding.
CommandBindingImpl Implementation of CommandBinding.
FormBindingImpl Base implementation of FormBinding.
FormImpl Implementation of the Form.
ImplicitObjectContributorImpl contribute implicit object of zkbind EL
InitChildrenBindingImpl Implementation of InitChildrenBinding.
InitFormBindingImpl Implementation of InitPropertyBinding.
InitPropertyBindingImpl Implementation of InitPropertyBinding.
LoadChildrenBindingImpl Implementation of LoadChildrenBinding.
LoadFormBindingImpl Implementation of LoadFormBinding
LoadPropertyBindingImpl Implementation of LoadPropertyBinding.
MiscUtil internal use only misc util
ParamCall To help invoke a method with BindingParam etc.. features.
Path Class that holding a dot series path and process Form field name.
PropertyBindingImpl A base implementation of PropertyBinding.
PropertyImpl Implementation of a property.
ReferenceBindingImpl Implementation of ReferenceBinding.
SaveFormBindingImpl Implementation of SaveFormBinding.
SavePropertyBindingImpl Implementation of SavePropertyBinding.
SystemConverters To keep system level converters, the built-in converters are initialized when first accessing.
SystemValidators To keep system level validators, the built-in validators are initialized when first accessing.
TemplateResolverImpl The resolver resolves template and handles template changes
ValidationContextImpl the default implementation of validation context
ValidationMessagesImpl Collection base implementation of ValidationMessages
WeakIdentityMap<K,V> WeakIdentityMap is like WeakHashMap, except it uses a key's identity hashcode and equals methods.
WrongValuePropertyImpl // ZK-878 Exception if binding a form with errorMessage To handle wrong value exception when getting a component value.

Package org.zkoss.bind.impl Description

Core Implementation for ZK Bind

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