Package org.zkoss.bind

ZK Bind Library


Interface Summary
BindContext Binding Context
Binder The Binder that do the data binding things.
Converter<U,B,C extends Component> Generic binding conversion interface.
Form Virtual Bean that associated with a form.
FormExt An addition interface of Form to provide more control.
FormStatus Represents the runtime information of the Form
PhaseListener A call back listener that allow user to intervene the execution life cycle.
Property Represent a property of a base object in the binding.
ValidationContext The context for validation
Validator Generic binding validation interface.

Class Summary
AnnotateBinder ZK Annotated Binder, it parse the component annotation and handles the binding of components and view model.
BindComposer<T extends Component> Base composer to apply ZK Bind.
BindUtils A utility to help developer using zk bind
DefaultBinder ZK default Binder, use this class if you want to new a binder and control components though Binder API.
GlobalCommandEvent The global-command event
PropertyChangeEvent The property-change event
SimpleForm A simple implementation of Form
Version The version of the ZK Binding.

Enum Summary
Phase The Phase of PhaseListener when doing binding.

Package org.zkoss.bind Description

ZK Bind Library

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