Uses of Interface

Packages that use TemplateResolver
org.zkoss.bind.impl Core Implementation for ZK Bind 
org.zkoss.bind.sys System level classes for ZK Bind 

Uses of TemplateResolver in org.zkoss.bind.impl

Classes in org.zkoss.bind.impl that implement TemplateResolver
 class TemplateResolverImpl
          The resolver resolves template and handles template changes

Methods in org.zkoss.bind.impl that return TemplateResolver
 TemplateResolver BinderImpl.getTemplateResolver(Component comp, java.lang.String attr)

Uses of TemplateResolver in org.zkoss.bind.sys

Methods in org.zkoss.bind.sys that return TemplateResolver
 TemplateResolver BinderCtrl.getTemplateResolver(Component comp, java.lang.String attr)
          get the template resolver that sets by Binder.setTemplate(Component, String, String, java.util.Map)

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