Package org.zkoss.bind.xel.zel

ZEL of XEL for ZK Bind


Interface Summary

Class Summary
BindELContext ELContext for Binding.
BindELResolver ELResolver for Binding; handle Form bean.
BindExpressionBuilder Handle value dot series script for Binding.
BindExpressionFactoryImpl Handle dot series script.
DynamicPropertiedELResolver A resolver to resolve value base on BeanELResolver and DynamicPropertied.
FormELResolver ELResolver for Form.
ImplicitObjectELResolver ELResolver for implicit object that is not supported in zk el
ListModelELResolver ELResolver for ListModel.
PathELResolver Handle dot series path when evaluating expression.
TreeModelELResolver ELResolver for TreeModel.
ValidationMessagesELResolver ELResolver for ValidationMessages.

Package org.zkoss.bind.xel.zel Description

ZEL of XEL for ZK Bind

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