Class WaitLock

  extended by org.zkoss.util.WaitLock

public class WaitLock
extends java.lang.Object

A simple lock used to implement load-on-demand mechanism. Typical use: a thread, say A, checks whether a resource is loaded, and put a WaitLock instance if not loaded yet. Then, another thread, say B, if find WaitLock, it simply calls waitUntilUnlock(int) to wait. Meanwhile, once A completes the loading, it put back the resource and calls unlock().

WaitLock lock = null;
for (;;) {
        synchronized (map) {
                Object o = map.get(key);
                if (o == null) {
                        map.put(key, lock = new WaitLock());
                        break; //go to load resource
        if (o instanceof MyResource)
                return (MyResource)o;
        if (!((Lock)o).waitUntilUnlock(60000))
                log.waring("Takes too long");
//load resource
try {
        synchronized (map) {
                map.put(key, resource);
        return resource;
} catch (Throwable ex) {
        synchronized (map) {
        throw SystemException.Aide.wrap(ex);
} finally {


Constructor Summary
          Once created, it is default to be locked.
Method Summary
 void unlock()
          Unlocks any other threads blocked by waitUntilUnlock(int).
 boolean waitUntilUnlock(int timeout)
          Waits this lock to unlock.
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Constructor Detail


public WaitLock()
Once created, it is default to be locked. In other words, other thread's invocation of waitUntilUnlock(int) won't return until unlock() is called.

Method Detail


public boolean waitUntilUnlock(int timeout)
Waits this lock to unlock.

whether it is unlocked successfully
SystemException - if this thread is interrupted
PotentialDeadLockException - if the thread itself creates this lock. In other words, it tried to wait for itself to complete.


public void unlock()
Unlocks any other threads blocked by waitUntilUnlock(int).

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