Package org.zkoss.util

Utilities for handling data structures.


Interface Summary
Cache<K,V> Represents a cache.
Cleanups.Cleanup The interface to implement for each cleanup.
Converter<F,T> A converter used to convert a value to another.
FilterMap.Filter<V> Filters the given value (to evaluate when the value is retrieved).

Class Summary
ArraysX Utilities for handling arrays.
CacheMap<K,V> The cache map.
CacheMap.Value<V> The class to hold key/value.
Checksums Checksum relevant utilities.
Cleanups Utilities to clean up resources when the application is stopping.
CollectionsX The collection related utilities.
CollectionsX.ArrayCollection<E> An readonly collection on top of an array.
CollectionsX.ArrayEnumeration<E> An enumeration on top of an array.
CollectionsX.ArrayIterator<E> An iterator on top of an array.
CollectionsX.ArrayList<E> An readonly list on top of an array.
CollectionsX.CollectionEnumeration<E> An enumeration on top of a collection or iterator.
CollectionsX.EnumerationIterator<E> An iterator that iterates thru an Enumeration.
CollectionsX.OneCollection<E> A collection that contains only one element.
CollectionsX.OneEnumeration<E> An enumeration that enumerates one element.
CollectionsX.OneIterator<E> An iterator that iterates one element.
Dates Utilities for java.util.Date
DualCollection<T> A combination of two collections into a collection.
FastReadArray<T> An array of objects that are fast to read but a bit slower to add and remove.
FastReadCache<K,V> A CacheMap that the possibility to have cache hit is much more than not.
FilterMap<K,V> A map that allows the value to be evaluated before returning (so called filtering).
IdentityComparator<T> The comparator uses == and System.identifyHashCode to compare two objects.
IdentityHashSet<T> Like java.util.InternalHashMap, it uses == and System.identityHashCode for doing HashSet.
Locales The locale relevant utilities.
Maps Utilities for process Map.
MultiCache<K,V> A CacheMap that uses multiple instanceof CacheMap to speed up the performance.
NotableLinkedList<E> Linked list implementation of the List interface that provides the callback methods such as NotableLinkedList.onAdd(E, E), NotableLinkedList.onSet(E, E) and NotableLinkedList.onRemove(E).
Pair<X,Y> A pair of keys.
TimeZones Utilities to access time-zone.
Utils Generic utilities.
WaitLock A simple lock used to implement load-on-demand mechanism.

Exception Summary
IllegalSyntaxException Represents a syntax error.

Package org.zkoss.util Description

Utilities for handling data structures.

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