Package org.zkoss.util.resource

Resources and their locators and loaders.


Interface Summary
LabelLocator A locater used to locate extra resource for Labels.
LabelLocator2 A locater used to locate extra resource for Labels into an input stream.
Loader<K,V> A loader that could load a resource to another format.
Location Represents a location information inside a document.
Locator A locator that is able to locate a resource.
XMLResourcesLocator Represents a locator used to locate XML resources.

Class Summary
AbstractLoader<K,V> A skeletal implementation that assumes the source is either URL or File.
ClassLocator The locator searches the current thread's context class loader, and then this class's class loader.
ContentLoader A Loader that loads the resource by use URL.getContent() if the source is URL, or loads into a String if the source is a File (and assuming UTF-8).
Labels Utilities to access labels.
Loader.Resource<V> Represents the more information about an object loaded by Loader.load(K).
Locators Utilities to load and locate resources.
Locators.StreamLocation the location information.
Locators.URLLocation the location information.
PropertyBundle The property bundle.
ResourceCache<K,V> Used to cache resources.
XMLResourcesLocator.Resource An item of the list returned by XMLResourcesLocator.getDependentXMLResources(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String).

Package org.zkoss.util.resource Description

Resources and their locators and loaders.

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