Package org.zkoss.web.portlet

Portlet relevant utilities.


Class Summary
PortletHttpSession A facade of PortletSession for implementing HttpSession.
PortletModes Utilities to handles PortletMode.
Portlets Utilities to handle portlet.
PortletServletContext A facade servlet context based on a given portlet context.
PortletServletDispatcher A facade of a PortletRequestDispatch for implementing RequestDispatcher.
RenderHttpServletRequest A facade of RenderRequest that implements HttpServletRequest.
RenderHttpServletResponse A facade of RenderResponse that implements HttpServletRespose.
ResourceHttpServletRequest A facade of ResourceRequest that implements HttpServletRequest.
ResourceHttpServletResponse A facade of ResourceResponse that implements HttpServletResponse.
ServletPortletDispatcher A facade of a RequestDispatch for implementing PortletRequestDispatcher.

Package org.zkoss.web.portlet Description

Portlet relevant utilities.

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