Package org.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.action

DSP actions, such as ForEach, Include and If


Interface Summary
Action An action that could be used with InterpreterServlet.
ActionContext Encapsulates a portion of DSP page in an object that can be invoked as many times as needed.
LoopStatus Exposes the current status of an iteration.

Class Summary
AbstractAction A skeletal implementation to simplify the implementation of actions.
Choose Provides the context for mutually exclusive conditional execution.
ForEach Iterators thru a collection/array of items.
If Tests whether an condition is true and render the child only if the condition is true.
Include Includes another URL.
Otherwise Represents the last alternative within a Choose action.
Out Generates the specified value into a string.
Page The page action used to set the page info, such as the content type.
Remove The remove action used to remove an attribute.
Set The set action used to set an attribute.
When Represents an alternative within a Choose action.

Package org.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.action Description

DSP actions, such as ForEach, Include and If

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